Greenside Anti/Counter Tracking

This class is available to military and law enforcement agencies upon request.
Please contact Greenside Training to make arrangements.

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Greenside Anti/Counter Tracking

Anti counter tracking are techniques used to confuse, delay, dissuade, or harm a tracking threat. This class is designed for small teams or individuals who conduct rural surveillance in support of warrant based operations. Your tracking mentor will train you and test your skills during a final exercise where you will be tracked by a trained tracking team.Purpose- To develop the ability to detect when anti/Counter Tracking techniques are being employed in your area of operation. Subsequently clients will have the ability of incorporating these techniques into small unit patrolling procedures.

What you will learn –
1. Develop evasion plan of action
2. Passive tracker defeat
3. Active tracker defeat
4. Evader loadout
5. Threat contact
6. Individual / team tracking Patrol

Equipment –
1. Durable pants and long sleeve shirt, hat, gloves, sunglasses, boots (camoflauge or natural colors recommended)
2. Small pruning shears, fishing line or other thin wire, multi tool or utility knife, electrical tape. Extra thick pair socks oversized. Camouflage kit/ face/ body.
3. Small measuring tape.
4. We will provide dummy rifles but you are welcome to bring personal to patrol with.
5. Binoculars
6. Cameras or other media devices are welcome.
7. Small pack with 100oz water capacity and snacks.
*we have extra of anything listed for your use.

Prerequisites- Greenside Tracking Fundamentals