Grid Down Communications

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Have you ever wondered how you would communicate with family and friends if our modern cellular network was down during a natural disaster, power outage or SHTF scenario? Our society has become overly dependent onĀ  modern communications infrastructure controlled by grid power systems and computers susceptible to cyber attacks. Communications are often overlooked in terms of preparedness. During our Small Unit Tactical Communications Course, you will learn how to create a family communications plan, basic radio theory and will discuss and demonstrate a variety of comm gear options on a budget as well as more advanced options. You will also learn about antenna characteristics, propagation and how to construct an antenna from basic, common items.

This class is considered a basic level introduction to 2 way communications. A ham radio license is not required but we will be using some ham skills for non line of sight communications. We hope that after the course, one will consider getting their amateur license and practice, practice, practice. Please bring any communications gear you have to use or demonstrate to others.

Minimum Equipment:
Notepad and pencil
Outdoor clothing ( boots, pants, long sleeves recommended)
Daypack (for patrol group)

Prerequisites: None

Recommended follow on course: Greenside Tracker Fundamentals