Tracking for Search & Rescue




SAR tracking teams will learn how to systematically trail human subjects lost in various environments.
Tracking training for SAR involves:

  • initial scene arrival considerations.
  • Locating and identifying relevant footprints.
  • Communication and mapping considerations.
  • Individual and team procedures.

This course features the tracker’s operational cycle, which is imperative in wide area search management when incorporating trained trackers.
The 3 phases of the tracking teams operational cycle are:

  • search
  • exploit
  • follow

Minimum Equipment: Note Taking Equipment; Camera; Hiking Boots; Outdoor Clothing (pants & long sleeves recommended); Day Pack; 100oz Water Capacity; Gloves; Snacks; eye protection, measuring tape, tracking stick, whistle, map.

Prerequisites: None

What you will learn:

  • How to evaluate tracks and impressions
  • How to determine precise directions of travel
  • Individual tactical movement
  • Enhanced sensory awareness
  • How to manipulate terrain in your favor

Follow on course recommended: Grayside Hunter

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