Greenside Training is the home of Index Tracking, Green Laser Index Night Tracking (GLINT), and Battlefield Tactical Acuity Courses (BTAC). Our team is dedicated to providing innovative security solutions for the 21st century American Warrior.

Upcoming Events

Greenside Tracking
November 8-9 in Benson, AZ

Presented by Mr. Freddy Osuna
Cost 600.00 350.00
Location: Contact for details
Minimum Equipment:
Note Taking Equipment, Camera, Hiking Boots, Outdoor Clothing (pants & long sleeves recommended), Day Pack, 100oz Water Capacity, Gloves, Snacks, eye protection, measuring tape.
Prerequisites: None
Course includes: 16 hrs minimum of instruction rain or shine; T-shirt/Patch; Lunch each day.
What you will learn:
How to evaluate tracks and impressions
How to determine precise directions of travel
Individual tactical movement
Enhanced sensory awareness
How to manipulate terrain in your favor

Follow on course recommended: Grayside Tracker

Grayside / Urban Tracking
December 6-8 in Tucson, AZ

Presented By Mr. Freddy Osuna
Cost 600.00 250.00
Location: Old Tucson Studios
Minimum Equipment:
Note Taking Equipment, Camera, Closed Toe Footwear, Outdoor Clothing (pants recommended), Waist, Shoulder, or Backpack, Every Day Carry Items, Birds of Prey & K9’s welcome to participate. Dress within the baseline not above or below it. Low profile is the key here but be able to transition from Gray to Greenside at anytime.
Prerequisites: A willingness to learn.
Course includes: 24 hrs minimum of instruction rain or shine; Training certificate; Lunch each day, Greenside Tracker Patch, Wolf Shirt.
What you will learn:
Trackers will learn apply Index Tracking and the dynamics of Human Terrain as it applies to trailing a human in urban settings. Like all of our courses expect to be evaluated and rated among’st your peers in this course for who is most environmentally and atmospherically aware. Trackers will trail multiple suspects through a major metropolitan area during the final exercise.

Follow on courses recommended:
Greenside Tactical Tracker 2/Team Tracking
5 Day Greenside Tactical Tracking LE AZ POST accredited
5 Day Combat Tracker Course Mil/LE
10 Day Combat Tracker Course Mil/LE