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I like a good cigar or pipe smoke once in a while, but I don’t usually carry any (the pipe anyway) with me because I hadn’t gotten around to getting a good pouch for it. Reeder gave me a pipe from Morgan Pipes years ago, seems like a shame to leave it at home all the time.

Happily, Dave “Norseman” Williams (many of you will recognize the name, especially gyrenes from the Scout Sniper community) and his wife Angel make just such a pouch and sell it in their online store, “Survival Hardware LLC”. Actually, I think Norseman does the patterning and Angel actually makes them, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, this is the Survival Hardware handmade leather tobacco pouch. They call it the “baccy pouch” for obvious reasons.

Handmade tobacco pouch by Survival Hardware

They have a couple different kinds available, including the “scarred” baccy pouch that I’ll probably get next (unless I can get one with an actual cattle brand still on it).

At less than $50 they’re priced well and they’re made with painstaking attention to detail. If you need a good pouch or are looking for a bespoke, handmade gift for someone, you could do worse. Plus you’ll be supporting a veteran-owned business from the Marine Corps community.

P.S. Don’t knock dottle out on the trail. At least not if someone is following you. And get have your Zippo armored at Thyrm (with a Pyrovault)