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The purpose of this training session is to learn how to collect information on an opposing force, under condensed timelines, k9 search activity, and limited resources. We will be patrolling and what you dont know, you will learn on the go.

“Highly evasive targets exist in highly evasive terrain.” – John Morgando

You will be the hunter and the hunted during this physically, and mentally intense test of your stalking ability.
You will learn in depth the craft of terrain profiling, hide construction, movement techniques, contingency mindset, etc. All designed to “Teach through Friction”.
Featuring 3 stalk lanes including the Raspberry Stalk (lots of thorns) and Triangle Stalk (bottleneck), each containing unique problem sets to navigate without being detected.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Field expedient Camo
  • Concealment enroute
  • Terrain profiling
  • Maneuver Theory
  • Peak Performance mind/body
  • Observation theory w/ optics
  • Stalking and movement
  • K9 Handler defeat

Gear necessary:

  • Note taking
  • Boots
  • Outdoor thorn resist clothing
  • Day pack
  • 100oz water minimum
  • Gloves
  • Edible energy
  • Eye pro
  • Pruning shears (camo)
  • Rubber band large
  • Various zip ties
  • Non metallic bungee cords x2
  • Camo paint
  • Tan or green spray paint
  • Camo material for head, torso, legs, weapon, equipment.
  • Binoculars – 8x minimum

Complimentary materials will be provided.