Tactical Tracker


This class is available to military and law enforcement agencies upon request.
Please contact Greenside Training to make arrangements.



This is an individual and team based course which is designed to introduce the tactical aspects of human trailing. We utilize immediate response force on force training aids to develop tracking to contact response times essentially making our already proficient trackers faster to respond in a critical incident.While teaching basic tracking using the Index Tracking technique, emphasis is placed on visual/sensory perception and overall awareness in order to speed up an operators OODA Loop.
Greenside trains its students to see, hear, and smell the enemy first.

You will be forced to face impossible odds in this course. A fleeing, desperate subject awaits you in the bush. Your margin for error is ZERO. What you fail to do in this course will literally blow up in your face. If yo have mastered Weaponize the Senses, then you are ready for this. Bring it, trackers!

This course covers the following topics:

Visual perception
The basics of human and mammal locomotion
Ageing a track
Action indicators (What a persons gait does when hes carrying a rifle, carrying a heavy pack, or injured)
Marks and impressions from weapons and equipment and how to I.D..
Theoretical search area / command and control
Hand and Arm Signals
Team Formations
Anti Counter Tracking
Immediate Action Live Fire & Movement Drill

Equipment List distributed upon registration.


Greenside Tracker Fundamentals or TYR Group basic tracking