Grayside Hunter Urban Tracking




Welcome to Grayside Hunter where you will be taught how to effectively identify, interpret, and follow trails of humans in highly populated and rural environments. 80% of the U.S. population lives within a 4 dimensional Urban Jungle and as trackers we must be able to follow the trails our enemy leaves us no matter where he goes. Greenside Training will lead you through a highly effective process which is designed to instill the fundamentals necessary in creating multi environmental capable trackers.

This is an intense tactical tracking experience where you will be immersed into a TEAM tracking scenario. Expect the unexpected from an unknown opposition force. You will patrol 3-10 miles in this course in both rural desert and a major metropolis searching for human predators. This course is intelligence driven and clue oriented so you will be just as mentally fatigued as you are physically.

What you will learn:
– Advanced Search Techniques
– Collection & Reporting Techniques
– Tracking & Intelligence
– Dynamic Trailing
– Tracking to Containment
– Tracking to Contact
– Phases of a Tracking Patrol
– Urban Tracking & Surveillance

Minimum Equipment: 
Day 1: Camoflauge or Earth Tone Durable Clothing, Boots, Gloves, Pads Optional, Camo Paint or Face Camo, Camo Small Pack, Load Bearing Vest, Binoculars/Monoculars.

Day 2: Urban Functional Clothing be prepared to blend in with the local population of downtown Tucson, AZ. Ditch the tacticool look. Bring earbuds for your cell phone and cash which may get ya out of a jam or 2.

Prerequisites: Weaponize the Senses

Follow on course recommended: Greenside Tactical Tracker